About Us

Noosh by definition is an Armenian word for "almond" but for us it's a meaning of family. Noosh brands, founded by our CEO Sarine Sahatjian, was a simple idea of wanting a healthier snack choice that still offered convenience and great taste for her two sons. What we created is a line of products that deliver on-the-go nutrition to fuel any schedule. With whole California almonds, our unique packaging and all natural ingredients, our products can be enjoyed by the whole family. The quality is not only in our ingredients but also in our manufacturing processes that meet the the highest standards in the food industry.

Almond Butter

Our almond butter recipe is simple, we use naturally sourced ingredients that create a smooth and silky texture you feel good about eating without sacrificing taste. By using the whole almond, we create the nutrition nature intended and give you the energy you need to power through your day.

Almond Protein

With Noosh Almond Protein Powder, you get high quality protein created from Whole California almonds. Our unique process maximizes the nutritional value of every almond and gives you the protein you need without all the unwanted fillers found in most products today.