This analysis pertains to: Innovators and Disruptors.

In July 2018, we attended New York’s “Fancy Food Show”, in order to review the most interesting innovations in F&B straight from the field, and to help our clients find partners and discover opportunities.

This report features the trends we believe to be shaping the food & beverage industry in 2019: lifestyle adjustments – from vegan to keto; “hot” ingredients – such as cauliflower, tea, coconut, cold brew coffee and nut butters; stress-free solutions – such as on-the-go BFY consumption; and the search for quality protein and “healthy fats” is changing the industry this year. Ethnic flavors, ginger and cardamom are to be found in every category; and sustainable, bean to cup / bean to bar “clean” products take the rein. If last year was about “small batch” and “hand made” – this year is NUTS. In the pure sense of the word. If last year was about protein – this year is gut health.

5. Low Carb and Sugar-Free Lifestyle

Moderate carbs and low-carb diets, such as Paleo and Keto, created new takes on health and wellness. Ingredients such as MCT oil and other “healthy fats”, protein and gluten-free, grain-free and sugar-free ingredients are incorporated into snacks and beverages, for easy on-the-go consumption.

Noosh butter as a snack. “Noosh Keto + MCT Oil Coffee Flavor Almond Butter (caffeine free) is specially formulated to support the ketogenic and other low carb/sugar diets.”