Our beginning

Noosh by definition is an Armenian word for “almond” but for us it means family. Noosh brands, founded by our CEO Sarine Sahatjian, was a simple idea of wanting a healthier options. With California almonds, our naturally sourced ingredients, our products can be enjoyed by the whole family. The quality is not only in our ingredients but also in our manufacturing processes that meet the the highest standards in the food industry.


Sarine Sahatjian
Noosh Brands CEO

From start to finish, it’s all about fresh and nutritious products.

When it comes to almonds, the industry standard is to start with broken almond bits or almond meal. This type of input stock has already begun oxidizing and has lost its freshness. At Noosh, we start with only whole California almonds. Using only whole almonds allows our products to retain their quality, freshness and nutritional value. When using the freshest ingredients, we create the freshest products. It’s a difference you can taste.

Quality and ingredients to the highest standards

We developed our technology to deliver amazing products but that is only the start. We also deliver products that are certified to standards you have come to trust and give you the peace of mind you are providing quality nutrition for the whole family.

Giving back by building a community, not just a brand

We love our products and want you to love them, too. However, our company is not just about what we sell, it’s also about giving back to those who need it the most. So feel excited about eating healthy with Noosh products and feel good that every purchase is making things just a little bit better.